Formatting tweets into citations isn’t super straightforward, and while this page used to have a handy citation generator to convert your tweets into APA, MLA and Wikipedia citations, it’s not functional anymore.

So instead have a looksy at this APA format guide on how to do it manually.

Taking Screenshot from Tweets

If you’ve ever come across a tweet you wanted to save, either locally or online, this how you do it.

lighshot tweet

On a PC or Mac

If you’re running Chrome as your primary browser, then it’s pretty easy, you can use the Lightshot extension to easily take screenshots, edit them, and then either save them on your pc, or upload them if you need to share them with others.

If you choose the upload feature, they’ll get uploaded to


On Your Phone

Taking a screenshot is easy obviously, but if you want to share the tweet online, you’ve got a few options. Either you share it straight from your phone via your favorite messaging app… or you use one of the many images hosts to upload the image and then share the direct link from there.

As for image hosts, which are basically just web hosting providers that specialise in images, we like, imgbox, or photobucket for the pros.

And there we have it, super easy.